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Gala concert in Rudolfinum

Найти ближайшего дистрибьютора

On Saturday 27th September, romantic tones of ANT.PETROF, the brand new piano, introduced this year by PETROF, were floating in Dvořák´s hall in Prague´s Rudolfinum. This instrument is a company´s flagship and the developing department was working on its perfect execution for five years. The ANT.PETROF piano is characterized by many innovations, including two of them patented.

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On the programme there were compositions from most significant musical virtuosos. Music written by B. Smetana, W. A. Mozart, L. Janáček and A. Dvořák was performed by Czech most talented pianists. After the concert very positive and warm reactions were heard from all of them. „When playing a piano I always try to find out its soul and in this piano I have found a very beautiful one“, confessed us Igor Ardašev and Jitka Čechová said that this is the best PETROF piano she has ever played.

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The concert was held on the occasion of the Year of the Czech Music in collaboration with the Association of music artists, The Czech filharmony and The International music festival Prague Spring. For PETROF this event was the very important point in this year full of celebrations of 150 years of the company. 

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