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Petrof - tradiční evropský výrobce klavírů a pianin
The current PETROF, spol. s r. o. company is situated on an area of about 130 821 m2 and employs around 200 employees. PETROF is ranked among the top European PIANO manufacturers. The company is successful even in the obtaining of the grants from the European Social Fund. In spite of a general recession in musical instrument sales, the company develops and sells with success on the world market. It is not only the consequence of a growing popularity in the rich, melodious and tender tone typical of instruments with the PETROF brand, it is also due to coherently chosen production and export policy, improved by the high quality work of Czech piano manufacturers. The current PETROF, spol. s r. o. company has sufficient background for continuous improvement of pianos, but also of other services related to their use. Besides manufacture there are centres of acoustic research, design and development centres, PETROF shop, professional service and transport. The effort of the company is focused, in the past as well as today, on production of high-quality grand pianos and upright pianos.        div>
    The company uses new technologies, makes use of the results of its own applied research and development. The instruments produced by PETROF company and their quality confirmed by ISO certificates comply with the demands of a very broad spectrum of customers. They provide support to starting players, they are reliable for experienced piano players and give inspiration to piano virtuosos construction and research labs, vlastní prodejna, odborný servis a doprava. The effort of the company is focused, in the past as well as today, on production of high-quality grand pianos and upright pianos.   

New technologies are used and results of own applied research and development, including protection of industrial ownership resulting from these activities, are used and assessed. The instruments manufactured by PETROF company and their quality acknowledged by ISO standards can thus meet demands of a broad range of customers. They can easily support beginning players, reliably satisfy experienced pianists, and inspire piano virtuosos

We construct six basic types of pianos – two lengths. Three different types of concert professional instrumentsP 284 Mistral, P 237 Monsoon, and P 210 Pasat that are made individually by our best experts. 

Another three types – P 194 Storm, P 173 Breeze, and P 159 Bora are built in standard way. There are also special variants: P Breeze CHIPP and P 173 Breeze Rokoko. We provide all grand pianos in four standard finishes: the most popular black gloss, white gloss, nut, and polished mahogany. 

There are four basic height types of upright pianos: 118, 125, 131, and 135 cm. There are also special variants expanding our range: CHIPP, DCHIPP, and Rokoko with hand-crafted surface finishing. 

We offer a new line with modern design: NEXT 127 and BASE 124

We also make upright pianos based on specific demands of customers.   

Permanent goal of our company is to continue the good old tradition of Czech piano school and to supply our customers with high-quality instruments.

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Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova Для меня большая честь продолжать традицию изготовления великолепных пианино и роялей, которую основал мой прадедушка больше чем 150 лет назад. ПЕТРОФ усердно старается, чтобы наши инструменты приносили пианистам только радость и удовольствие, а так же трепетали сердца своими романтическими и изысканными звуками любителям музыки по всему миру.
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